Starting June 8th, SOCA Benefit Plan will begin using, a digital MEWA management system, to offer an improved experience for your employers in the Anthem SOCA Benefit Plan. While this does not require any action on your part, we want you to know about the program, its purpose and how this will affect your groups.
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SOCA Benefit Plan & Introduction Video

Over the coming weeks, you will receive information about the program including videos and walkthroughs showing you exactly what your employers will see. Please note this is for your information only; No training is required. Also note this will not affect quoting; SOCA Benefit Plan still requires employers to use FormFire to complete medical applications. Instead, will assist with management post-enrollment, offering:

Document Management – Employers will have access to a custom employer portal where Medicare and COBRA documents can be accessed.
Medicare Primary Selection – For members who are turning 65, employers will be offered the opportunity to select Medicare as the primary payer, helping to keep plan costs down. Best of all, Anthem offers reduced premiums to employers who complete this step.
COBRA/Continuation Support – In order to ensure members who leave their employer are offered the appropriate coverage options, will verify the information on file and assist with enrolling the members through the COBRA Administrator.
For additional details about Medicare Primary Responsibility and Continuation of Coverage, please click here and here.

Please note that this service is provided by SOCA Benefit Plan at no cost to you or your employers. Also, there are no accounts to create; Employers will be emailed directly with information on how to access their portal.
Again, we want you to be fully aware of how and why will benefit your employers. Please stay tuned for additional details!
Thanks for being a part of the SOCA Benefit Plan!