Over the past two weeks, you should have received emails introducing mewa.io, a digital MEWA management system the SOCA Benefit Plan will begin offering on June 8th. If you missed either of those emails, you may view copies of them using the following links:

In this message, we’ll address some frequently asked questions.

What is the benefit of using mewa.io?

mewa.io provides many benefits including:

  • ensuring plan members are offered the appropriate continuation of coverage options, as required by ERISA.
  • simplifying the process to make Medicare the primary payer for members who have turned 65. Not only does this save the plan cost, but SOCA Benefit Plan offers a premium reduction to employers who complete this step.
  • providing a single place to manage the above requests as well as any signed documents. This helps keep the plan compliant and ensures employers don’t have to go searching for important documents.
  • For more detailed information, we recommend visiting mewa.io and watching the introduction and walkthrough videos.

Is there a cost to use mewa.io?

mewa.io is provided at no cost by the SOCA Benefit Plan to plan members and brokers.

Is training required to use mewa.io?

As you’ve seen from the videos, mewa.io is incredibly simple to use for employers. Also, as the process is managed automatically, no action is required on your part. That means no logins or passwords to manage and no training required!

How do I know when my employers need to perform an action?

mewa.io uses email to notify employers when they need to verify termination information or they have an employee or member about to become eligible for Medicare. Every month, three days before this happens, you’ll receive a summary email first, indicating which of your employers fall into one of these categories, including which members.

Do I still need to use FormFire?

Yes. Employers desiring to receive a quote from the SOCA Benefit Plan must use FormFire to complete the medical application.

Where can I access SPD and carrier documents?

The SPD and annual notices may be accessed through Anthem’s Employer Access Portal. The mewa.io document center will store Medicare and COBRA documents that are generated through its platform.

How will this program be introduced to employers?

Employers will receive an introductory email explaining the program along with the first notification they receive from mewa.io. Included in that email will be the Employer Walkthrough video we previously shared. Each request from mewa.io will also contain any relevant information and instructions specific to that request.

Remember, this program will go live on June 8th.

Thanks for being a part of the SOCA Benefit Plan!